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Fusion P2P

Fence Mounted Detection

FUSION P2P sets a new industry standard in outdoor perimeter security with its pioneering DEA Sensor Fusion (DSF) dual-tech detection technology. This advanced system offers unparalleled performance and versatility, redefining the expectations for intrusion detection.

FUSION P2P meticulously senses and analyzes vibrations and movements on a fence during intrusion attempts, such as cutting (even with hacksaws or angle grinders), breaking through, or climbing. It effectively discriminates against noises that could trigger false alarms, ensuring precise and reliable detection.

The system employs two distinct sensitive elements: a well-proven piezoelectric transducer and a MEMS accelerometer. The data from these sources are processed and analyzed using adaptive intelligence algorithms, which can accurately recognize intrusion attempts while filtering out environmental and climatic noise.

FUSION P2P stands out for its detection reliability and versatility. It is capable of protecting nearly any type of metal fencing, from soft to rigid structures. With the ability to calibrate detectors individually, the same sensor string can be applied to various heterogeneous structures without the need for multiple sensor strings.

FUSION P2P represents a leap forward in intrusion detection technology, offering a robust, adaptable solution for diverse perimeter security needs.

Security Level: Low To High

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FUSION P2P features a user-friendly software interface that allows you to monitor the system’s operating parameters and input/output status. The software also provides configuration and calibration tools for the sensors, all accessible from a single screen. From here, you can:

  • Select the type of structure to be protected
  • Set the security level
  • Calibrate the sensitivity level
  • Configure sporadic cut detection
  • Calibrate the sensor’s spatial positioning
  • Configure the self-test function
  • Save or upload configuration files
  • Download, view, delete, or email logs


  • DEA Sensor Fusion technology - The new DSF technology developed by DEA Security combines, in a single seismic sensor, all of the benefits of a traditional Piezoelectric transducer with the advantages of a MEMS accelerometer. The outcome is a detector capable of the highest performance.
  • Maximum environmental immunity - The immunity to environmetal and climatic nuisances featuring SERIR systems is here at its utmost. As a matter of fact, thanks to its noise limiter function, FUSION P2P is able to recognize and digitally filter the disturbances generated by adverse climatic conditions.
  • Structure type presets - In most cases it is possible to calibrate the system with a simple mouse click. As a matter of fact, the system provides seven different default configurations suitable for several types of structures.
  • IP native support - The controller board is equipped with an Ethernet interface which allows the system to connect to a TCP/IP network and to exchange data with third-party systems and equipment. Thanks to specific plug-in software, the system can also integrate the main PSIM and VMS software.
  • Adaptive intelligence - Thanks to the complex adaptive intelligence algorithms, the system can work best on almost any metal fence and walls and in environmental conditions which could strain any other traditional detection system.
  • Redundancy support - FUSION P2P can be installed in ring topology, which allows the sytem to continue functioning efficientely following a bus cable cut performed anywhere along the sensor-string.
  • Self-test on each sensor - FUSION P2P sensors have a self-test function which readily signal potential functioning failures. This makes periodical on-site check unnecessary and service operations quicker.
  • Professional easy-plug connectors - The prewired sensor-strings employ, on both of their ends, professional easy-plug connectors with IP68 rating and military-grade specifications. These connectors make the electrical connection of the strings very fast and error-proof.
  • Anti-tamper and anti-removal - The sensors are equipped with devices which detect the removal and the thermal and magnetic tamper attempts.
  • Smart automatic sorting - During the first activation of the system, the controller automatically performs the identification and sorting of the sensors.
  • General and individual calibrations - Each sensor can be calibrated and configured together with the others of the same logical line or individually.
  • Factory wired sensors - FUSION P2P sensors are factory wired, sealed and tested in order to reduce to zero potential wiring mistakes on site.

In Addition...

Supplied as a plug&play unit, the sensors arrive fully assembled and ready to be mounted to the perimeter fence; connect it into your new or existing access control network.

We use our own in-house transport and are proud carriers of DVSA Earned Recognition status which sets us apart in our industry.

Our vehicles are tracked to ensure regular delivery updates can be offered. We are completely in control of our fleet and are able to schedule/ re-schedule deliveries to suit the urgency of your requirement.

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