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Torsus 50

Fence Mounted Detection

The TORSUS intrusion system is specifically designed to protect rigid metal fences, including heavy welded panels and railings. It utilizes specialized torsion sensors that detect flexions and torsions in the bearing posts during intrusion attempts, such as breaking through or climbing.

The unique shape of the sensors, combined with a special piezoceramic transducer, gives TORSUS systems exceptional sensitivity. This allows them to detect even climbing actions that do not cause shocks, vibrations, or noises.

The system employs passive (non-powered) piezoceramic sensors, which are supplied in pre-wired lines up to 50 meters long. This ensures reliable, high-performance intrusion detection without the need for a power source at the sensor level.

The TORSUS intrusion system represents a significant advancement in the protection of rigid metal fences, offering unmatched sensitivity and reliability for perimeter security.

Security Level: Low To High

100% Quality. 100% Security.

Supplied as a plug&play unit, the sensors arrive fully assembled and ready to be mounted to the perimeter fence; connect it into your new or existing access control network.


  • Climbing detection
  • Compatible with the vegetation
  • Prewired sensor-strings
  • Passive sensors
  • Immunity to environmental disturbances
  • 24h protection
  • Maximum laying flexibility
  • High wear resistance

In addition…

  • Simple yet sophisticated. TORSUS COMPACT 50 uses TORSUS 50 technology and sensors, therefore provides the same level of reliability and performance. It differs from the latter for its simplified range of versions, for its “all inclusive” packaging and for being more suitable to protect small perimeters, especially in residential areas.
  • Ready to install. The system is supplied in a kit (Module) including a prewired sensor-string, a small pre-assembled electrical cabinet (Analysis Unit) and a set of accessories to install and start-up the system in a very quick way.
  • Expandable. The 50-metre standard coverage can be expanded for further 50 metres for a total length of 100 metres, using a special expansion module which will be installed inside the pre-existing control unit.
  • Ideal for small compounds. The COMPACT version of TORSUS 50 system has been especially designed for compounds of maximum 100-metre length, where it provides very good ratio between price and performance.
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