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SISMA CA is a unique intrusion detection system designed for outdoor flooring with concrete foundations. It employs special pressure sensors that detect a person walking or standing on the protected area. Integrated inside the screed of the flooring, these sensors are completely invisible and resistant to sabotage.

SISMA CA discreetly safeguards all floored areas in front of doors and windows, detecting intrusion attempts before the intruder can enter the protected building. It is also effective for protecting terraces, driveways, and walkways.

SISMA CA sensors detect pressure changes (weight) between the screed where they are integrated and the floor above. Each module provides independent alarm signals, allowing for precise identification of the intrusion area and independent calibration of each zone.

SISMA CA offers unparalleled security for concrete-floored areas, combining invisibility, reliability, and precise detection to ensure advanced perimeter protection.

Security Level: Low To High

100% Quality. 100% Security.

The system consists of sensors and analysis electronic boards. The sensors are supplied in prewired modules ranging from 1 to 4 square meters, which can be combined to cover larger areas.

The analysis boards process the signals detected by the sensors, triggering alarm events. These events are accessible via local relay contacts or the DEA NET centralization network.

The system’s most crucial feature is its invisibility. The detectors are completely concealed, ensuring that SISMA CA does not disrupt the aesthetics of the protected site. This feature is highly valued not only in residential buildings but also in museums, art galleries, and archaeological sites.


  • Invisible protection - Placed on the surface of the slab and integrated in the screed, SISMA CA sensors prove to be completely invisible.
  • Immune to environmental nuisances - The system is not affected by adverse climatic events, such as wind, rain, snow and hail and by the falling of leaves and small tree branches.
  • Maintenance-free sensors - Thanks to their robustness and the absence of active electronic components, the sensors do not need any planned maintenance.
  • Individual calibration - Each sensor-module can be calibrated and configured independently, with the possibility of varying its security level according to the risk degree relevant to that area.
  • Small Animal Discrimination - The system can differentiate between the movement of small animals and actual intrusion events.
  • 20-year warranty on the sensors.

In Addition...

Supplied as a plug&play unit, the sensors arrive fully assembled and ready to be installed; connect it into your new or existing access control network.

We use our own in-house transport and are proud carriers of DVSA Earned Recognition status which sets us apart in our industry.

Our vehicles are tracked to ensure regular delivery updates can be offered. We are completely in control of our fleet and are able to schedule/ re-schedule deliveries to suit the urgency of your requirement.

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